Writers Exchange

Writers Exchange

A simply AMAZING collection or resources for any writer -- you have to see it to believe it: there's just too much to list here.

Ink Spot - Award Winning resource and community for writers of all ages and levels of experience. InkSpot

An award-winning resource and community for writers of all ages and levels of experience.

Novel Writing - Suite 101 Novel Writing @ Suite 101

Each week, Kim Kay takes one aspect of Novel Writing and offer tips and suggestions. In addition, she interviews published novelists to find out secrets for success.

Advice on Novel
by Crawford Kilian

Why am I doing this? When you're young, and you think you have the talent, you wonder how you can make the talent serve you. When you're older, you wonder how you can serve the talent. This is some small part of my service. God bless, work hard, write honestly, take pride in your craft!

Do it Yourself Novel Writing @ NoMediakings.com Do it Yourself Novel Writing @ NoMediakings.com

Self-Publishing wit and wisdom from someone who's been there and come back to tell the story.


Novel Writing.com

Join novelist and former police detective Enes Smith (Fatal Flowers, Berkley 1992, Dear Departed, Berkley 1994) in this  practical down-to-earth online course that helps you create a novel from page 1 to the end.

Seven suggestions
for writing a novel

by John Ross

For the people who refuse to wade through the mass of good advice that's out there, I have distilled it down to One Page of Guidelines that I followed when I wrote my first novel. My advice is to rewrite your work until it can pass these seven basic tests before submitting it anywhere..

Novelists Inc. Novelists, Inc.

A "Guild for Novelists", Novelists, Inc. keeps its members connected, communicating, and well-informed while striving to better the status of fiction writers

New Writers
New Writer's Magazine (NW)

is a bi-monthly publication for aspiring writers and professional ones as well. NW features news on Markets, Contests, trends in the publishing field, and news of the Internet that relate to the writing industry. Available in print edition only.

The Writers Net

bills itself as an Internet Resource for Writers, Editors, Publishers and Agents, and among other things it maintains a list of Literary Agents who do NOT charge a fee.

The Write Resource™

Your one-stop resource for information about books, writing and publishing.